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Eric Hines May 3, 2012 8 Announcements

Hello valued clients and friends,

We are excited to announce our new policy for updates and requests! Beginning on May 15, 2012, all update requests must be sent to updates@invision365.com or submitted online via our online helpdesk at http://support.invision365.com/.

This is great news for you because it will:

  • have your update requests completed faster
  • allow you to check status and deadlines on your update requests
  • send you an instant email when your update request has been completed
  • easily modify your update request through our helpdesk system
  • give you peace of mind knowing your request is immediately being processed

Updates by text message will no longer be available. If using a mobile device, you may send your update to updates@invision365.com. Updates by telephone will be strongly discouraged and will still require an update request to be sent via email to updates@invision365.com or through our online helpdesk at http://support.invision365.com/.

For more information on sending bulk items, click here to see instructions on using Dropbox.

Once again, we are excited to launch our new update policy so that we can serve you better. As our valued client, we look forward to continuing a successful and positive relationship with you!

Very best regards,

Your Invision365 Team